Solve Magento Curl Error “PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded”

I have received a couple email asking me if i have ever seen this error “PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded” whenever  your trying to install the eCommerce software called Magento and my answer was a resounding yes I struggled for a few hours with this along time ago, and fortunately I have the cure for this disease. now if your using WAMP, XAMPP, MAMP,LAMP server on your computer this example will work for all of the above local servers. Food for thought this seldomly happen on a hostingGet your own domain for just $9 per year at if it does just contact your hosting service provider and they will enable CURL on your server. This demonstration is mostly geared towards developers who do their work on a local Machine and then migrate that work to their webserverVisit and get the best cloud hosting deals on the web starting at $2.75 per month. The trick to fixing this problem is to locate your PHP.ini file and edit this line ;extension=php_curl.dll to look like this extension=php_curl.dll just remove the semicolon to activate the feature and then restart the server and your browser to refresh the settings.

How to find PHP.ini File

If you have problems finding your PHP.ini file just head toward the bottom right hand corner of your screen and click once on the server icon then navigate to PHP option then chose PHP.ini and it will open in note pad and the rest is history. Happy developing.

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